Sheet Metal
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Complex folds are handled with ease

It’s extraordinary what components can be fabricated and manufactured using sheet metal. A large radius bend, for example, isn’t a design feature that many people would think possible with sheet metal. Yet ANCA Sheet Metal automated folding machines can achieve this with ease.

Typically, the single greatest time-cost component of the sheet metal manufacturing process is the folding operation. We work with our customers to develop the most cost-effective production solution based on requirement, accommodating both low and high production volumes through adapting fully automated, or semi-automated processes.


A CNC press brake and Pan-Brake provide forming capabilities to support a range of enclosures, brackets and machine frames.
Type                                  Tonnage              Max  Length                    Thickness Range In Steel/Meter    
Hydraulic, CNC Controller  (Press Brake) 100 T 3200 mm 0.8 - 8 mm 
Manual  (Pan Brake) 100 T 2400 mm 0.5 - 6 mm

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